Looking for the ease and comfort of one level living? We offer a variety of options to meet your unique needs.
Click on a home below to view its floor plan:

The Messina  |  2,028 sqft
The Lugono  |  2,487 sqft
Westlake Loguno
The Lugono (Mountain Posh)  |  2,487 sqft
Loguno no basement
The Lugono (no basement)  |  1,900 sqft
The Tuscany  |  2,289 sqft
San Marino
The San Marino  |  2,028 sqft
Bramante 1-level
The Cassidy  |  2,289 sqft
Bramante Homes one level floorplans
The Edgewater  |  2,164 sqft
Bramante 1-level floorplans
The Fredericksburg  |  2,215 sqft
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